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sr marie angeles

                                  Apostolate in the prison of Ghardaïa The welcome from the authorities in Ghardaïa is very good and we have been well received. We met the Director, who made himself available to us to ensure that the prayer service was carried out in favourable conditions while respecting the rules of the prison. Relations with the guards who allow us access to prisoners are also good, and with some even fraternal. We feel they trust us. The guards prepare a nice room for us to meet. Everyone is properly seated, and we can make a circle that helps everyone participate better. There are four attitudes that we must always maintain: humility, following the instructions given, respect for those people who are in the different prison departments, and recognition. The guards are respectful when they are…

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women in delwende spinning cotton

MSOLA community of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) Sr Vickness Nangongo Muleya, MSOLA. In Delwende (Ouagadougou) Sr Vickness Nangogo Muleya, director of the Delwende Center in Sakoula, asked to stay at the center during the pandemic, in order to accompany the rejected women accused of witchcraft and to ensure their protection against Covid-19. The Delwende center welcomes mostly women, but there is also a few men who have been chased from their villages accused of witchcraft. Sr Vickness shares her experience: « I saw their faces light up and at the same time they were surprised that I came to stay with them at this difficult time. They were surprised to see me there the whole day and night but their faces were shining. In my heart it was like a dream and I was in awe of what was happening. The first night I prayed in the hangar because my room was…

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MSOLA Bunamwaya community (Kampala – Uganda) Throughout the year Sr Theopista and the prepostulants have participated regularly in praying the Rosary, the Way of the Cross and in other celebrations and activities in two special plac in our area : at Namugongo Bunamwaya and Lost City (two disadvantaged areas). These are the places where people, especially youth, addicted to drugs and alcohol, live with their families. In collaboration with Mr. Richard Yiga, the leader of laity of the subparish, we aimed at helping them in behavior change. Occasionally one or the other members of the community joined the Group. Only our presence and listening attitude made those people feel accepted, respected and loved. They were proud of having sisters interested in them and participating in celebrations organized by them. At one moment, Theopista participated in the organization of a treatment camp for those who wished to finish with their addictions. It was sponsored by…

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kinteko education

Sr Leocadie Kana, Msola community of Butare (Rwanda) Kinteko, a subparish of the cathedral, is not far from our Butare community. Despite being close to the town, its population is very peripheral, with plenty of unemployed young people and many young single mothers. They are known to be very difficult and very poor materially, humanly and spiritually. Material poverty adds a heavy burden to the difficulties of family life which sometimes becomes hell. The first victims, the children, desert the family home while very young to live adventures in the city, turn to drugs , become criminals and an easy prey of human traffickers. The population of Kinteko is somehow left to itself. No religious was working in that area. Touched by this reality, our community reflected about it, and we decided to do something with the women and young people. Sr Leocadie meets the women and young people in Kinteko..…

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