Daily Archives: November 25, 2020

On the death anniversary of Cardinal Lavigerie, we publish an article written on March 5, 2019 by Father Bernard Ugeux, MAfr

This time of jubilee is for us an opportunity to take a renewed Christian look at our brothers and sisters, at the Church, at Africa, at the World…

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migrants in algers

Sr Valérie participated in the Zoom meeting on sisters’ commitment against human trafficking. It was an enriching experience. She summarized it for the other sisters at the weekly community meeting. This opened up a long discussion on the local situations here in Algeria. We mentioned the situation of some former residents of the Dar Essalem Center, for the most vulnerable migrants, where Sr Hortensia Sizalande is in charge and the “reappearance” of migrants from Niger. In recent months, we have witnessed many scenes of begging in the streets. They are women, teenagers, old men and especially young children reaching out to passers-by and drivers. It’s really pitiful! Where do these people come from, knowing that the borders are closed? Were they there before containment? Where do they stay? We have many questions.  We feel powerless in the face of this situation: ignorance of the language (Hausa), painful experiences of expulsion…

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maison du quartier nouakchott

Mr. Moustapha Dia, a Senegalese, taught at the Diam Ly school where Sr. Victorine Bulangalire works.  He was the eldest leader of the Maison du Quartier, and my close collaborator. He left for the Canary Islands, by boat.  We have learned that he has died. According to one of his friends who was travelling with him, Moustapha died on the 3rd day of the trip. The boat lost its way and was adrift for 12 days when it was found and rescued by the Canary Islands Red Cross (Spain) who took care of the survivors. But several migrants had already died from lack of water and food or from the heat. Moustapha’s body, like that of the other castaways, was returned to the sea. It was on 17th September that we received the news of his death. The children of the Maison du Quartier wrote messages and drew pictures in tribute to…

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