Daily Archives: September 11, 2023

  From Sr. Margret Tovar, in Trier in Germany On April 29, I arrived in Rome knowing that I would be the oldest delegate at the General Chapter. I felt hesitation, a little fear and a certain insecurity. From the beginning, I tried to remember the names of my younger sisters, unfortunately without much success. At the opening of the Chapter, each was invited to a commitment, and mine was to listen with all my being, all my intelligence, all my heart. I experienced day by day a transformation in myself and in all of us through respect and true and deep sharing. The times of silence, the fact of letting emotions come and appear without embarrassment, helped us to go further and to experience this transformation. Working and sharing in a group favored this journey as well as the prayers and Eucharists so well prepared. “At my age”, I am…

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