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Pope Francis released a message on Thursday for the for the 59th World Day of Prayer for Vocations, which this year  will be on 8 May, and has as its theme “Called to Build the Human Family.” Pope Francis says that when we speak about vocations, we are speaking about making God’s dream come true. He encourage every person in the Church to give the very best of themselves. In his message, the Pope reminds us that we are called: to be protagonists of the Church’s mission; to be guardians of one another and of creation; to welcome God’s gaze; to respond to God’s gaze; and to build a fraternal world. Here is the full message: Dear Brothers and Sisters, At the time when the cold winds of war and oppression are blowing and when we frequently encounter signs of polarization, we as a Church have undertaken a synodal process:…

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PREPARATION FOR FINAL VOWS: THE JUNIORATE  The juniorate stage is primarily a time to go more deeply into the spiritual life, a time to allow each sister to receive from God the grace:

On July 3, 2021, in Gogo, diocese of Manga, Burkina Faso, our sister Julienne BOUDA vowed to follow Christ in obedience, chastity and poverty, according to the charism of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa. The sisters on mission in Burkina, Faustina from Ghana, the novices and the postulants came to be with our sister at this important moment in her spiritual journey. There were family members of our Burkinabé sisters, friends of the community, the family of Sr Julienne and many parishioners. Two Sisters from Gogo came to support their compatriot in her commitment as well as several other sisters. The Lord, who was the first to be involved in Julienne’s life, got ahead of us in all the preparations. The sky blessed us with a calm rain the day before, but on this day the weather was fine and even the temperature went down a little.…

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In remembrance of all our brave sisters who left Brabant in the “Great Mission Hour”, we tell the tale of Sister Trinitas

The spread of God’s word

This is a tale as old as Christianity itself.

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Our sister Joanna Dekkers shares her experience of Africa with young Lotte, studying social work in the Netherlands. After 40 years in Africa sister Joanna retired in Boxtel, where she is still working with homeless people.

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 Interview with Sr. Magdalena Orczykowska, Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa. She comes from Poland and currently works in Uganda in East Africa.

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Quand j’ai décidé de partir à la recherche de Dieu, j’ai fait mes bagages, j’ai scellé mon chameau… Partir, une vocation missionnaire. Discerner l’appel à devenir missionnaire

5 et 6 mai 2012: Le parcours continue ! Après avoir abordé la vocation religieuse, la vie communautaire, le dialogue interreligieux, la place de Marie dans la Congrégation, désormais c’est la question des femmes apôtres que nous avons contemplée !

Nathalie, from Burkina Faso tells us: April 29, 2012 is now a very significant day for me because with my companions: Florida from Burundi, Hélène from DR Congo, Kamila from Poland and Neli from Mexico, we made our temporary vows, we say our yes to the Lord Jesus, he who laid his gaze of love on each one of us. Through this Yes, JESUS ​​CHRIST is now for me the only thing necessary and love itself. I pray that it will be so all my life. I am inhabited by a feeling of joy and thanksgiving for all that I had to live and for the marvels accomplished through our Congregation.