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1er cours juillet 2016 Copie

Tunisian Arabic courses and Session of Initiation on Islamic studies The goal of the study’s center is to facilitate adaptation to the country to better understand the culture and religion of its inhabitants and to enter more easily in relation to the details of ordinary life. This effort to acquire Tunisian arabic for encountering others in daily life is based on the method written by sister Madeleine Prim, White Sister. It is really appreciated with joy by both sides.  At MONTFLEURY: ANNUAL COURSE in Tunisien Arabic Courses begin the week of Octobre 10, 2016  and will finish at the end of May 2017First Level for beginners : Two hours per week Wednesday from 9 to 11Friday from 5 to 7 pm Intermediate Level : Two hours per week Tuesday from 5 to 7 pmTuesday from 9 to 11 Advanced Level: Two hours per week Monday from 5 to 7 pm…

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  • fiorettiVisiting a group of ‘bansansa’ = ‘Joyous’ I ask them:

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méthee darabe tunisien

méthee darabe tunisienThe learning method of tunisian language is intended to beginner level.

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centre aéré Algérie

centre aéré AlgérieAround the theme of peace and living together, the library of the Palmiers in Algiers,

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mer“If in the beginning, the club was a place to exchange ideas, a book club, over the years it has become a friendship club.

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club de lecture kef tunisie
JNEA aux Palmiers lecture dune nouvelle
groupe JCAT session 2015
lavement des pieds

Here is a small very useful methodology for respectful communication:

Take responsibility for what you say and feel without blaming others.

Choose empathic listening

Be sensitive to the different communication styles

Take time to reflect on what you feel and what you hear before intervening

Examine your prejudices and perceptions

Guard confidentiality

Take advantage of ambiguities because we are not there to find out who is wrong and who is right

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